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Quinquennial Inspection Report - 26th September 2001

The Church of the Sacred Heart, Northallerton

Summary of the Inspection

A well maintained church, but there are a number of small items needing attention which are important to the long term well being of the building, notably; flashing repair to Tower. Reduction of ground level where DPC is bridged, and removal of loose materials.

Priority of Repairs

  1. Urgent:

    Refix flashings and pointing and inspect porch roof *

    Repair boiler house roof Eastern edge *

    Clean out gutters and drainage traps *

    Remove materials stored by NW corner of Sanctuary *

  2. Essential within next 18 months:

    Repair lychgate roof *

    Improve flashing detail to Sanctuary window *

    Reform soffit boards to eaves *

    Reduce ground level to apse *

    Re-decoration of Baptistery

    Re-glaze and repair opening lights

  3. Essential within quinquennium

    Renewal of eroded brick and stone

  4. Repairs requiring further investigation or observation, future desirable improvements:

    Renew ridge tile to Baptistery *

    Tower roof lead patching may be needed soon

    Consider landscaping of Car Park *

    Observe cracking to Sanctuary ceiling *

    Modify Nave pew length *

    Value oil painting

    Recover asphalt to Hall flat roof *