Latest Parish Events 2017

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Sunday 7th January

The Three Wise Men, or Kings, or Magi, arrive to pay homage to the baby Jesus bringing their gifts of Gold Francincense and Myrrh.

We were also told that the prayers and intentions written on the stars on our Christmas Prayer Tree would be taken to Lourdes next week.

The children gathered around the the crib at the end of the service to get a better view, to be blessed, and to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

The Kings or Wise men visit the baby Jesus

The Christmas Crib

Monday 25th December
Christmas Day

Today we celebrate the birth of Christ. The fifth Advent candle, which is lit at Christmas, stands for the light of Christ. Father Michael Keogh asked the children to bring their Christmas presents to be blessed and after the Mass the children gathered round the crib to get a better view of it.

Sunday 24th December

Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve. At the Sunday morning Mass the fourth Advent candle was lit, one having been lit on the previous three Sundays. The final candle will be lit at the Chrstmas Mass

Children may like to try lighting the white candle by pointing to it with the mouse or touching it if you have a touch sensitive screen

Don't touch real candles though !

Father Michael Keogh introduces the Prayer Tree


Father Michael Keogh introduced us to the Prayer Tree. Prayers could be written on silver stars and tied on to the tree. A donation could be given to the Herriot Hospice, a local based charity providing care to patients in their own homes.

Sunday 12th November

Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance day wreath

The parish gathers in the Church Hall

Sunday 24th September
Father James' and Deacon Paul's leaving Do

The parish gathers in the Church Hall after Mass to say thank you to Father James and Deacon Paul

Sunday 24th September

Mike Morrison pays tribute to the year's of service to the Parish by Father James and Deacon paul

Mike Morrison delivering his thank you speech

Presentation to Father James

Sunday 24th September
Presentation to Father James

John Lagan tells us that it seemed an appropriate gift to buy a new vehicle for Father James to get through the mountains of the upper Dales.

Sunday 24th September

The collection did not raise quite enough to buy a full size vehicle

The new vehicle for Father James, a toy four wheel drive.

Presentation of a cheque to Father James

Sunday 24th September

Father James was handed a cheque for the remainder of the collection

Sunday 24th September

Another cheque was handed to Deacon Paul

Presentation of a cheque to Deacon Paul

Father James saying goodbye

Sunday 24th September

Father James thanks Mike Morrison and all who have helped him during his ten years in Northallerton Click Here to see an extract from his speech

Sunday 24th September

Deacon Paul responds to Mike Morrisons remarks and says goodbye.

Deacon Paul saying goodbye

First Holy Communion Booklet

Sunday 18th June

A joyous day for the Parish as nine children make their First Holy Communion

Saturday 20th May

A Baptism welcomes two more members into our Church

Baptismal font in use

Beetle Drive score card

Monday 8th May
Beetle Drive

A very enjoyable evening started off with a Steak Pie and Mushy Pea supper followed by a Beetle Drive. Each player throws a dice until they get a six when they draw the Beetle's body on their score card. In each subsequent throw that competitor tries to throw a number equivalent to the body part on the card e.g. a five will allow you to draw a head and a 2 will allow you to draw a leg. A 1 will allow you to draw an eye but only if you have already drawn a head during a previous turn. The game finishes when someone in the room has completed the drawing and shouts out "BEETLE". Everyone counts up all their scores so far and then a new game is started. When all the games on the card are completed it is the person with the highest total score that wins. Fortunately for me, no points are awarded for artistic merit. Any money raised by this event will go to the School funds.

Sunday 16th April
Easter Sunday

Beautiful floral arrangements were used to decorate the Church for Easter Sunday as always in celebration of the risen Christ

Easter Flowers

Christ outside the empty tomb

Sunday 16th April

In addition to the flowers there was a minature garden showing the risen Christ in front of the empty tomb.

Friday 14th April
Good Friday

Today we remember the day that Christ was crucified

The Crucified Christ

The Last Supper

Thursday 13th April
The Last Supper

On this day we remember the Last Supper after which Christ was arrested

Sunday 9th April
Palm Sunday

Palm Crosses were distributed and blessed at the start of Mass today as we remember how Palm Branches and Robes were placed on the floor in front of Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem

Palm Crosses

Enjoying our Lent Lunch

Friday 17th March
Lent Lunch

Come and join us each Friday in Lent for delicious home made soup and bread and great conversation

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