Latest Parish Events 2009

Parishoners arriving for the Christmas Day Mass

Christmas Day

Friday 25th December 2009

There was still plenty of snow as Parishoners arrived for the Christmas Day Mass

Christmas Day 2009

The fifth and final candle, the Christmas candle was lit at the start of Christmas Day Mass

Can you see the star decorations which were made by the children

The Advent Wreath

The Christmas Crib

Christmas Crib 2009

The Christmas Crib tells the story of the birth of Christ in a stable

Christmas Flowers

Every window contained a beautiful display of flowers thanks to those who gave up their time to decorate the Church

Floral Decoration

Fresh snow on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Thursday 24th December 2009

There was a fresh fall of snow to clean off the cars on the morning of Christmas Eve

Sunday 29th November 2009

1st Sunday of Advent

The beginning of Advent is marked by the lighting of the first candle on the Advent wreath

The Advent Wreath

Matthew Winter, his sponsor and his parents

Sunday 29th November 2009

What better way to start advent than a ceremony to receive into full communion with the Catholic Church Matthew Roderick Winter

The Last Post

The Last Post was played to remember the fallen of the two World Wars and those who have died in more recent conflicts such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Click on the picture to hear the last post being played at the Menin Gate

Click Here to learn more about the Last Post Ceremony at Ypres

Click to hear the Last Post

Remembrance Sunday

Sunday 7th November 2009

The laying of the wreath

by Terry Fearn

Friday 2nd October
St Therese

St Therese's Relics arrive at the Cathedral in Coulby Newham

Click on the picture to see the video if you have a fast link

They will be there from 2 p.m. Friday 2nd October to 12 noon on Saturday 3rd October

For more about St Therese of Lisieux Click Here

The Relics of St Theresee are carried into the Cathedral - Click to see the video

The Queue inside the Cathedral passing the Casket

Friday 2nd October

The Veneration of the Relics of St Therese begins

Friday 2nd October
St Therese

The Veneration of the Relics continues

Parishoners close to the Casket

The Queue outside the Cathedral

Friday 2nd October

The Queue outside the Cathedral

Sunday June 14th 2009
First Holy Communion

Seven children received their First Holy Communion. The Mother of one of them was received into the Catholic Church a couple of weeks earlier

The First Holy Communion

The Trinity

Sunday 7th June

The Homily referred to the Andrei Rublev's Icon "The Trinity" for further explanation Click Here

Sunday April 12th 2009 Easter Sunday

On the third day in the morning they went to the tomb but when they got there the stone which sealed the tomb had already been rolled back and the tomb was empty.

Over 200 parishoners packed the Church on Sunday morning to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus

HE is RISEN from the DEAD

Flowers in the Sanctuary

Easter Decoration

The Sanctuary had been beautifuly prepared with floral decorations

Friday April 10th 2009 Good Friday

On Good Friday we remember the day when Jesus was nailed to the Cross. A covered crucifix is brought in procession from the back of the Church before being revealed, and the congregation venerate it by kissing the feet of Jesus

Crucifix on the Altar

The Last Supper

Thursday 9th April 2009

Tonight we remembered the Last Supper when Jesus and the apostles had gathered to celebrate the Passover, a time when the first born of the Egyptians were destroyed but the homes of the Jews were spared or "Passed Over" Jesus washed the feet of the apostles before the meal and to remember this, Father James washed the feet of some of the parishoners The Mass ended with the singing of the words "Stay with me, remain with me, watch and pray, watch and pray" Following the Last Supper Jesus wants to go and pray and asks the apostles to stay awake and wait for Him.

Sunday April 5th 2009

Once again Parishoners are welcomed to the Church on Palm Sunday by beautiful sunshine and daffodils

Daffodils outside the Church

Decoration by the Children's Liturgy

Sunday April 5th 2009

The Children produce this illustration of the Easter story during the Palm Sunday Mass

Palm Crosses

During the Mass we receive crosses made out of Palm leaves to remind us of the Palm branches and cloaks which were laid on the road to Jerusalem as Jesus rode their on a donkey.

The Palm Crosses

Lent Lunch in the Church

Friday March 13th 2009

With the Hall being out of action due to renovations the Parishoners had their Lent Lunch in the Church

The Helpers

Lent Lunches don't just happen. It depends on a group of volunteers such as these

The Helpers

All Saint's Church

Sunday January 2009

At the end of a week dedicated to Church Unity, Father James is chosen to preach the Homily at the Service for Unity in All Saint's Church

The New Steps

Following an accident when a vehicle damaged the wall next to the old steps, we now have new walls and steps to match those at the entrance to the Church

The New Steps

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