Parish Events in 2007

Baptism during Sunday Mass

Sunday 30th December 2007

Baptism gives a chance to welcome a new member to our Church

Christmas Day 2007

We join Christians all over the World to celebrate the Birth of Christ

The Christmas crib celebrates the Birth of Christ

Father James greeting parishoners after the Christmas Day Mass

Tuesday 25th December 2007
Christmas Day

After the Mass on Christmas morning parishoners exchange Christmas Greetings with Father James Blenkinsopp, his first Christmas in Northallerton

Remembrance Sunday 11th November 2007

The tradition of the Catholic Church is to pray for the dead during the month of November, and the lists of those who individual parishioners wish to remember, have been placed in a basket in front of the Altar. On Remembrance Sunday we pray for those who have died not only in the two World Wars but in all the conflicts since then. This is symbolised by the laying of a wreath of poppies

The wreath and the November list of the dead, placed against the Altar

The wreath is placed against  the Altar at the end of Mass

Sunday 11th November 2007
Remembrance Sunday

The wreath is placed against the Altar by Mr Terry Fearn to remember those who died

Remembrance Sunday 11th November 2007

After the Mass we observed the two minute silence and then followed the Piper, Ward Hawes, out of the Church

Lament by Ward Hawes playing his bagpipes

Sacred Heart Parish Council meeting in the small hall

Monday 19th October 2007

Three times a year the Parish Council meets to present reports and discuss issues of interest to the Parish

Saturday 11th August after Mass

The Parish gathers to say Goodbye to Father Norman

The Parish gathers to say Goodbye

The Presentation

Saturday 11th August 2007

Father Norman receives a donation from the Parish shortly before his departure to pastures new.

Sunday 17th June 2007

This Sunday we welcome our VIP visitors from the Middlesbrough Catholic Handicapped Fellowship

Tucking in after Mass at the Ice Cream Parish

The Helpers

Some of the helpers

These events do not happen without the many people supplying the food and drink and serving it on the day, setting up and puting away the tables

Easter Sunday 8th April 2007

Each window had its own decoration of Spring flowers and Easter chickens

Beautiful Floral Decoration greets visitors to the Church

The Paschal Candle

Sunday 8th April 2007
Easter Sunday

The Paschal candle which was brought in to the darkened Church during the Paschal Vigil. Today we celebrate the Risen Christ. When they went early in the morning to the tomb, it was empty, Christ had risen from the dead

Easter Sunday 8th April 2007

The flowers which decorate the Church at Easter are a great welcome and a credit to those involved in arranging them

Beautiful Floral Decoration greets visitors to the Church

Friday 6th April 2007
Good Friday

We gathered at 3 p.m. to remember the crucifixtion of Christ. The cross was venerated by each parishoner kissing the feet of Jesus

Maunday Thursday April 2007
The Mass of the Lord's Supper

Tonight we remembered the Last Supper where Jesus introduced us to the Eucharist, the Body and Blood of Christ. Jesus washes the feet of the Disciples as they gather for their Passover meal. The Jewish Pasch or Passover from the slavery in Egypt to freedom in the promised land.

Carving depicting the Last Supper on the base of the altar

Sacred Heart Church at Easter

Thursday 5th April 2007
Palm Sunday

The daffodils welcome visitors to the Church at Easter and again as they leave the Mass

Palm Sunday 1st April 2007

We left the Church with our palm crosses which were distrbuted and blessed during the service

Palm Crosses

Blessing of the Palms at the back of the Church

Sunday 1st April 2007
Palm Sunday

The Blessing of the Palms takes place at the back of the Church before the procession which reminds of the entry to Jeusalem when palm branches were laid on the road

Palm Sunday 1st April 2007

The children, who carried the palms in procession, left to take part in the Children's Liturgy as usual and brought back some of their work. The ass, which carried Jesus on his journey into Jerusalem, and a piece of paper describing each of the 14 Stations of the Cross

The Children's Offering

Sacred Heart School poster about the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade

Sunday 18th March 2007
200th Anniversary of the Abolition of Slavery

The children from our school produced this poster in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade

Mothering Sunday 18th March 2007

The Ladies receive a few flowers as they leave the Church and head off into the SNOW

Flowers on Mothering Sunday

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