CC on CC meeting and presentation at Sacred Heart on Feb. 23 by Robert Thorniley - Walker .

Our grateful thanks to Robert for his well presented topic on Climate Change.

There was a consensus of opinion that global warming is a major problem with which we are faced today. It was also acknowledged that climate change by human activity was exacerbating the problem and that, whilst we may not be able to reverse that trend to an avoidable position , it is up to humankind to review its present activities and seek out more acceptable alternative solutions to a progressive lifestyle which would benefit the whole of humankind and not just those with a vested interest .

Comment was made of sceptics dismissing the research by scientists ,that 95% of scientific research was not sufficient proof that human activity was a contributing factor to climate change . It was felt that this was a short sighted and deliberately misleading protagonistic view ,generated by those with vested financial interests , and did not give sufficient cognizance to the long term affect of our present activities upon the environment for future generations globally .

Concerns were raised of both the causes and affects of human activities and , how no one activity can be singled out but all must be viewed as an intrinsic contributing factor of the whole problem . Deforestation of the rain forests - replacement by sustainable tree planting is not a solution in it's self . The suggested extraction of clear water from beneath the ice caps , is in it's self an unknown entity . The continued burning of fossil fuels is not up for discussion any more . What effect has the diversion of water courses and the construction hydropower dams and water compensation reservoirs contributed . Many other questions will be posed by many other people . The problems which are proven to be created however are numerous . Sea levels rising far faster than were forecast ; contributing to more rapid coastal erosion . Globular climatic changes resulting in unexplained and unexpected consequences .

Some quite useful and informative statistics and diagrams , far more capable of presenting a convincing argument than I can give , can be found on the internet .

Met Office - climate change.

CAFOD - climate change .

plus several more . Be warned though ' You could be bogged down by it all ' . You can pick out what you want in order to make an informed decision .

My own feeling is that climatic change is a very important issue which affects not only us , but our children and grand children and all their future generations . It is far to important an issue for people to abrogate their responsibilities and leave to others , for whatever the reason . Please , don't feel that your view doesn't count , or that you will be dismissed as sceptic or that you don't know enough about it . You will probably know as much about it as I do - if not more . However, it goes without saying that the more you listen to the arguments - either way - the more you will learn .

The CC on CC meeting which is to be held in York on the 21st. April will give those who are interested the opportunity to listen to presentations, participate in workshop groups and generally make their own contribution to the debate . As previously remarked - your views and opinions are important and do matter . We are all custodians of the planet for the duration of our lifetime . By all acting together we can at least try to ensure that our children and children's children get a fairer chance of a future than we appear to be handing to them now .

I have been promised tickets which give admission to both the Ecumenical service at the Minster and the meeting/workshop at the college of Ripon and York St. John . Would those interested please indicate to Fr. James or myself so that I can make our request .

Mike Batty